Start training for beginners 101


So you have decided to start exercising: congratulations! The first step has been taken. Whatever your reason for exercising is, taking the decision should not be neglected, so give yourself a pat on the back. But now what?



You must choose what kind of training session works for you: gym workout, crossfit, cycling, pump, pilates, zumba..., the options are endless. Whatever you do, it is essential that you will pick one that you know you will enjoy. Most gyms offer you all of these options (and more!), so you just need to go for one that will motivate you.

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Ok, now we are getting closer! After choosing your workout, you will now have to decide how many times per week you will do it. If you are a beginner, three times a week should give you time for your body to rest properly between workouts, but seek advice with your PT and your doctor before starting. In the first weeks you will feel TIRED, but awesome by the end of all workouts, guaranteed!

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You will also have to choose a time window that you will be able to commit to. You should create that workout routine in your diary so that no excuses will take you away from doing it. Tell everyone that you are exercising, create that commitment. After a few weeks, your workout sessions will be perfectly matched with your routine, and that will make everything easier to keep going and get those results you have always looked for. If you can get a training buddy, it will be the cherry on top. You will encourage each other to keep going and never miss a workout!



One additional thing that I like to do to motivate me to go work out is getting the right equipment that is specific for that workout. Not only do I feel more confident, I also get to show off my cool new clothes at the gym! For my crossfit workouts I love wearing my awesome Legbiter socks. The right clothing can go a long way to keep you motivated and working out hard. 

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Get your Legbiter socks and lets start moving!!